T-23 days

Hello, Internet.

In 23 days and a handful of hours (is that right? I counted four times because it seems WAY TOO SOON), I will be on a plane to Jordan. Again.

I don’t put the emphasis on “again” because I’m at all reticent about going back to Jordan. (Seriously. I can’t wait.) It’s just that when I tell people that I’m spending another summer in a country whose existence they probably never thought about until I told them I was going there last year, their reaction tends to be very different from what they would say if I was going to France for a second time. I vaguely suspect that this is related to Orientalism and people having a skewed perception of developing countries, but I will let you know more about that after I’ve read Edward Said.

That said! Things I need to accomplish in the next 23 days:

1. Pack. [Actually, this needs to get done in the next three and a half days, because before going to Jordan, I need to:]

2. Survive three weeks of three hours of Arabic class a day in New Haven. Where it is HUMID and the price of living is HIGH (compared to Jordan, anyway).

3. Get visas for countries I want to visit. (I am being purposefully vague, because being on a State Department-funded journey last year succeeded in infecting me with directionless paranoia.)

4. Decide where I am going and hopefully find a place to stay in aforementioned countries. (This is a biggie.)

5. Remember how to speak Jordanian dialect.

Before I go get started on number one (or, more likely, spend an hour on Sporcle), I’d like to make a meta-note that I am writing this blog for a very disparate and ill-defined audience. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear from me during my fabulous summer adventures, just let me know.

مع سلامة for now.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 26 May 2010.

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