مع سلامة، أمريكا!

Right now I am sitting in my last Arabic class in America. It is going painfully, painfully slowly. I have been ready to get out of here for days. It’s a shame, because I think what we’re learning would be useful. I am rapidly, rapidly become extremely frustrated by the way one of our teachers is teaching grammar–Powerpoints with a ton of examples with vocabulary that we haven’t learned, followed by anger when we ask for a translation. I understand that translation is not the point, and that understanding the grammar is important in more than just a translation context, but at the same time, we need to be able to understand the semantic contexts in which the grammar is used. Solution: tell us the rules first, then give us examples THAT WE CAN UNDERSTAND. (DFLGJH;GAJK FRUSTRATION.)

The only way I am getting through this is the knowledge that this is our last grammar lesson for the rest of the course. After this, we just go overload on reading/listening/speaking/writing and vocab. الحمد لله. I might actually just start shouting during class one day if this was going to continue.

Someday I will write a long post about my problems with Arabic instruction at Yale/in general (which are different than most people’s problems with it, I think). That day is not today. Today, I am just counting down the time until class is over and we go to Jordan, where there will be no more grammar, أن شاء الله.

Twnety-two more minutes. Let’s see if I can handle this. Next update, I’ll be IN JORDAN.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 18 June 2010.

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