A Day of Many Adventures

Arabic phrase of the day:
وين طوجد باص آلى الجامعة الأردنية؟
wain yujid bas ila al-jami’a al-urdania?
Where can we find a bus to the University of Jordan?

Today was a wonderful day. Woke up at 7, had breakfast, and decided to take the bus to school. It was an adventure. It took about 45 minutes (including the time we spent wandering around Sweileh looking for a connecting bus until a policeman showed us the way) and cost 80 qirsh each. A taxi ride is only 2 dinar each way (one dinar each) and takes 15 minutes, so we’ll probably do that in the future, but it was a good experience (and a good way to practice Arabic).

Class was less torturous than yesterday, though still rather useless–I picked up some vocab, but less than I had hoped. For lunch we had shwarma from the U of J cafeteria. It was 50 qirsh. <3 Then we went on our tour of downtown Amman. The Citadel was AMAZING–I didn’t really spend much
time there last time, but it was really cool and I got some good pictures. Then we went to وسط البلاد for another lunch (!!), which was very good but there was SO MUCH. I had chicken mansaf, and it was very good (zaki kateer). “Mansaf,” for those of you who are uninformed, is the national dish of Jordan, which consists of meat and rice doused in fermented goat milk. Which sounds sort of gross, but is actually so delicious (but also SO fatty–it’s like your tongue is swimming in fermented goat milk). Then we had kunafa at the oldest Habiiba location in Jordan, next to a really nice book stand (before I head home I’m totally hitting up an Arabic bookstore). (“Kunafa” is a Jordanian desert that is sweet goat cheese topped with shredded dough and honey. IT IS DELICIOUS.) And then, just when we thought we were done eating for the rest of our lives, we went to a nice coffee/tea house. The argileh was cheap but I didn’t get any because I thought I might throw up. Someday I’ll go back there, in sha’allah–it had a balcony overlooking the street below, very beautiful.

We got back home around 6:15. I took a shower, and now I’m going to start on my Arabic homework so that I can go to bed early tonight (so that I don’t fall asleep in class tomorrow like I’ve been doing for the past few days). I’m also going to start bugging my host family about teaching me vocab, because I feel like there’s a great resource I’m missing out on if I don’t. Hopefully they’ll see it as enthusiasm and not an annoyance. :3

Ma’ salaama for now.


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  1. That food sounds amazing!

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