Another day which was good in spite of class.

I am getting more and more frustrated with class nowadays. Half of the people in the class aren’t taking it seriously, and that half seems to include the professor. The only useful things we do are readings. I’ve been doing extra readings in the book on my own because it’s the only way I think I’m learning SOMETHING. And I need to be learning colloquial! Argh!

Anyway! After class today Christina and I went to have lunch with the lovely Mr. Matthew Shafer on Rainbow Street. It was nice to see him again and hear about what he’s been up to this summer. We also walked down to Wild Jordan and took in the view before deciding the menu was too expensive and taking our leave.

A word about my host family: the mother, Muna, appears to be the most popular person on the planet. All of her family comes to visit all the time, which is nice because I get to meet a lot of people, but not so nice because they try to speak to me in colloquial and I get all tongue-tied. :( Anyway, many of her sisters also have American students staying with them. I met one today who has been here in Jordan since January, and she might be able to hook me up with a place to stay in Damscus (إن شاء الله). See, children? This is why planning your travels in advance is way overrated. Cough sputter sputter cough.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 23 June 2010.

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