Things that happened to me today that made me realize that my life is wonderful

Woke up in Jordan.
Ran into an old Arabic teacher (Maysoon) and was able to have a half-decent conversation with her in Arabic.
Was able to successfully buy, shall we say, lady-products in a foreign country.
Planned a day trip to Madaba and Umm Al-Rasas that should go smoothly.
Sat and did homework on a balcony overlooking Amman.
Hung my clothes out to dry on the roof during the call to prayer.

Okay, so I’m less than thrilled with my class. But I actually am learning–I’ve improved SO MUCH over the course of one year–and besides, even if Jordan is one of the less exciting places in the Middle East, I LOVE IT HERE. For so many people it’s the dream of a lifetime to travel half as far as I have, and this is my second time doing it. I am so, so blessed. <3


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 24 June 2010.

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