A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today, on the way to school, Christina and I got ripped off by this taxi driver who took the longest way possible to the university (it literally took TWICE AS LONG as usual, and I would have gotten out except I was never sure where we were or how hard it would be to get a cab from there). As we were leaving, Christina said, “Take the shorter route next time!” and he responded with a swift “fuck you!” Oh, so you DO speak English? Hmmmph. I wish I had remembered the Arabic word for “cheater” (غشاش).

Then there was class. We have a test tomorrow on 400 vocab words that we’ve known about for two days. I feel the misfortune of this is self-explanatory.

And then! I tried to log into my Gmail account AND IT STARTED YELLING AT ME IN ARABIC. And by “yelling at me” I mean giving me instructions of which I could only understand a few words, which confused me EVEN MORE. Then, after the brilliant idea of using Google Translate to decode Google’s own message to me, I discovered that apparently my account was temporarily deactivated? But I have no idea why? And I tried to fix it but it didn’t work? So now I don’t have Gmail for a while. SIGH.

THEN Christina and I get in a taxi to go home and the dumbass takes us to the SECOND circle instead of the EIGHTH (i.e. tanii instead of tamin), forcing us to pay TWICE AS MUCH. I WAS DISPLEASED. Especially because I got in and said, “dawar at-tamin” and he said “tamin?” and I said “na’am, tamin. thamin.” And then he started joking with us after we got to the second circle “I thought you said tanii!” And I was like DON’T EVEN START.

And then I got home and studied for approximately forever until my host family came home and served me a heaping pile of what could best be approximated as cold vegetable stew, which I really wanted to like because my host mother said it was her favorite dish, but the texture of which felt like VOMIT, IN MY MOUTH.

…and yet somehow, in spite of all of this, I am still happy. It is in part because Spain is going to the world cup finals, but mostly because I am so so blessed to be here at all. Twenty-four hours after I finish this horrible test tomorrow, I will be in Wadi Rum. Which makes it all completely, completely worth it.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 7 July 2010.

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