I have lost all motivation

I think completing reading the story completely wiped me out. I have no motivation to learn the Arabic language. I am willfully not doing my homework. I don’t really care about doing well on the final, because I’ve done so well all semester that I’d have to do an abysmal job to get less than an A-. I am sympathetic to everyone who is longing to get back to America, for the one and only reason that for them, this class and their time in the Middle East are coterminous. Fortunately, that isn’t the case for me. But I even lack the motivation to call hostels! I took a nap and read evangelical blogs instead. Blehh.

Four days from now I am ripping every core conversation from this class to shreds, which I will scatter in trash cans all across the Levant, in hopes that future generations will never have to face that sort of misery.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 18 July 2010.

2 Responses to “I have lost all motivation”

  1. All I can say is treat Arabic like your lil sister (no disrespect intended for either you or the language). Listen to her music, feel her beats and you might be in love again with her in no time. And pardon my silly rhymes.


    When lil sister gets on your nerves, she
    plucks ‘em like strained strings of a guitar,
    wowing the imaginary crowd that claps
    for the funky sound coming out as she sways
    in a wild craze with Gaga,
    who’s guest-starring in your sis’s mind música.
    But hey, you too
    feel the rhythm of her beats, you can see
    beauty in the way she moves;
    with her, you laugh at yourself and you say, “heY HEY,
    what a funky awesome day.”
    Who knows one day WW III you will delay,
    daydreamin’ Hussein Jr. as your lil brother.

  2. *HUG*

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