So close to being over…

In about nineteen hours, my crazy journey with ARBC 130/140 will be over.

Eight weeks, two months, %.009 of my time on earth (though o! it feels so much longer).

The craziness of the journey I am referring to is not so much a reference to the various locales that have been visited during my time with it (from the exotic West Rock area of New Haven to the sands of the Arabian desert), but to the endless ride across the vast plains of boredom, up to the heights of near-insanity, and finally plunging into the heart of deepest despair.

I have my complaints. Oh, I have many of them. You will be able to read all about them on the online course evaluations for Summer 2010: ARBC 130/140. But overall? Through this program I have gotten to know some truly wonderful people, experienced (for the second time) some truly magical places, and even (GASP) learned quite a bit of Arabic. (SO MUCH LESS than I could have, but again, saving my complaints for online course evaluations). And, in ways I don’t think I understand entirely, it’s brought me much closer to God. It could be because suffering leads to virtue. (But probably not.)

In a word, I’m sad to be leaving. I’ll miss my host family. I’ll miss the wonderful CIEE people. And I’ll also miss this class, in a weird way–not that I ever, ever want to experience it again, but the community built around mutual suffering was interesting to watch form, and of course it’ll be splintered beyond recognition quite soon.

Not that I’m not excited to go to Damascus in a few days. (SO EXCITED.) But, I have gotten a lot out of ARBC 130/140, or perhaps I should say “I have developed a lot in the past two months in spite of ARBC 130/140.” And whenever I realize that an experience that had an effect (however small) on the overall arch of my life is about to end, I get nostalgic.

The final tomorrow will probably break me of that. (And of my desire to live, incidentally.) Pray for me.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 21 July 2010.

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