some notes from the road (skies?)

  1. Being in JFK after writing a whole novel about its fiery destruction was a strange experience. Useful for novel-editing purposes, but strange. I kept being afraid that the security guards would KNOW, even though that is ridiculous.
  2. Based on my long experience in Germany (i.e. walking from my arrival gate to my departure gate in the Munich airport), I have decided that I like the Germans. I saw a smoking lounge that had “SMOKING CAN KILL” written on the door in big letters. Everyone inside looked really self-hating.
  3. LET’S TALK FOR A MINUTE ABOUT LEANERS. Now, I am not going to go as far as to say that people who recline their seats all the way on airlines should die. Nor will I go so far as to say that, when these people meet their natural demise, they should go to hell. I am merely suggesting that a suitable punishment for the arrogant damned would be being stuck in an airplane behind someone leaning their seat back all the way FOR ALL ETERNITY. (If anyone I know ever does this to me, I will probably punch them. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.)
  4. I seem to always be on the opposite side of the plane from where the pretty stuff is happening. What the hell? (Also, I swear I am always on the right by the wing. WHY IS THIS THE CASE, THAT IS SO WEIRD. (Actually my flight from Munich I am on the left. Hmm.)
  5. I didn’t sleep on the entire ride to Munich (see above, re:leaners). I am typing this while I am waiting for my flight to Cairo. I may be sort of delirious, which is why I keep EMPHASIZING THINGS in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  6. I have been seriously dehydrated for this entire traveling experience so far. I know because I just saw a mirage of a water fountain in the airport.
  7. UPDATE: ACTUALLY I HATE GERMANY. We sat on the tarmac in Munich for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS because of a stupid ice storm. Isn’t that illegal in America now? It is. Oh, America!
  8. I don’t find babies that annoying when they cry on flights. Probably because I still get excruciating ear pain most of the time I fly. The most annoying thing to me is obnoxious American tourist groups. There was this group of old ladies sitting in the row behind me that were wildly speculating about whether or not images of our place would be on CNN reporting about our situation. And I’m like… it’s RAIN, people. I think CNN has better things to do than report on a rain storm in Germany. Also, they were REALLY LOUD.
  9. Got to Cairo pretty much without a problem once we finally took off. Once again I was seated near the wing on the side of the plane where nothing interesting happened. I was in a sort of half-awake daze for most of it: not getting any meaningful sleep, but also not able to concentrate on anything. I watched part of Inception, and it was weird.

And now I’m in in my hostel in Cairo. It is only 8PM but I think I am going to sleep now, even though the people in my dorm room will JUDGE ME. WHATEVER, I am above your peer pressure to socialize. I am sleepy and want to get the most out of my day in Cairo tomorrow. kthnxbi.


~ by putthisinyourrecord on 6 January 2011.

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